Street Food Birmingham

street food birmingham

Street food is prepared or cooked food typically sold by street vendors in a public location for immediate consumption. This ready-to-eat food has really taken off in recent years, particularly in cities and at festivals and events. The reason this type of food has grown so popular is because it tends to be cheaper than … Read more

Mailbox Birmingham restaurants

mailbox birmingham restaurants

One of the best places to eat next time you’re in Birmingham is in the mailbox quarter. This area of Birmingham has a selection of quality restaurants and bars making it the perfect choice for a romantic dinner or celebratory meal with loved ones. In this article we explore the Mailbox Birmingham Restaurants, sharing our … Read more

Best restaurants in Birmingham- Foodie’s Guide

Best restaurants in Birmingham

Birmingham has a number of Michelin star restaurants, but there are a huge variety of other quality restaurants that shouldn’t get overlooked. In this article we share some of the best restaurants in Birmingham. No matter what your taste preferences are or dietary requirements, this foodies guide has something for everyone. Best restaurants in Birmingham … Read more

Welcome to Enjoy Birmingham


Welcome to Enjoy Birmingham the ultimate guide to the second largest city in the United Kingdom. Birmingham has grown significantly over the many years, evolving from a small Saxon Village before growing into Birmingham town. Birmingham now thrives as a well known city in the UK, famous for its culture, attractions and historic significance.  Birmingham … Read more